Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bright & Clean Laundromat -- San Carlos, CA

Sure.  Cute table with chairs.  Maybe try the jazz next-door, after.

Pullman Hotel -- Redwood City, CA

If you're stuck around here, this is the place to stay.  They're doing a "refresh" through 2017, and the bar is relocated to a temporary location, but the refugee bar somehow works, likely because the bar staff is fantastic.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vera's Laundromat -- Phoenix, AZ

Yep.  Clean, tidy, reasonably priced.  But why am I out here?

Hotel Valley Ho -- Scottsdale, AZ

This is definitely the place to stay if you're in the region.  It's worth a twenty-five minute commute to the work site, to be some place real.  There's a good run along the canal -- not the most exciting scenery -- but you only have to brave two crosswalks for a 10k round-trip.

Also, the hotel bar is nice, though sometimes loud.

There's a pool party thing on Saturday and Sunday that's fascinating to watch.  It's a total bro-fest though, so steel yourself.  Nice pool.

Parking costs extra, but here's a secret: park on 68th where Main street would run into it, if it continued that far.  There's an opening in the wall and presto, you're right at the front door.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Local Bar -- San Antonio, TX

Have you finally found a bar in downtown San Antonio that's not pointless?  Maybe.  Service folks seem to come here after work, so that's a point in its favor.

On the other hand, some idiot just played an hour's-worth of anthem rock on the touchtunes jukebox.  No matter how well you're paid, you can only justify so many "priority plays" of Black Keys and Rolling Stones before you realize that the tidal wave of crap music will just keep coming.  (Note to self: play Rick Astley on their jukebox once you're safely back at the hotel.)

The bartenders are cool though, and you have professional hearing protection, so what's the big deal?  Plug your ears and write some reviews.