Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Chisholm Trail -- Plano, TX

Good run with only two streets to cross.  There's a little parking lot, behind the senior center, for Harrington Park.  Follow the east bank north until it ends, then over the bridge, and turn around at the highway.

Ken Japanese Bistro -- Richardson, TX

The teriyaki bento box was quite nice.  The ramen looked good.  You're going to want to brush up on your Japanese though, as they greet you in it.  Also, no forks.  Definitely go back here.

Aloft -- Richardson, TX

Know what?  This worked just fine.  There are some nice trails within a quick drive's range.  (Nothing good local.)  There are restaurants across the street.  There's a bar in the lobby.  Might as well go back.

Wicked Eyed Woman -- Elizabethtown, KY

Yes!  You enjoyed this little pub in "downtown" Elizabethtown.  Live music!

Southern Nights Bar -- Elizabethtown, KY

So, they basically only have a six-pack each of two different local beers.  The rest is every flavor possible of Bud, Coors, Miller, PBR.  But the staff is friendly, and it's been a while since you had a PBR, so just pretend you're a hipster on Valencia street.  Maybe grow a handlebar mustache -- and not just for a costume party.

You'll find yourself looking forward to going back.  Especially on Wednesday, for karaoke night.