Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sports Page -- Mountain View, CA

You like this place.  Inches from the Google campus, there's a conspicuous absence of entitled tech bros here.  End-of-day debrief with a colleague?  Waiting out traffic with a friend who can't split lanes?  This is the place.

SpringHill Suites, San Jose Airport -- San Jose, CA

Of all the mid-range places I've stayed in the valley, this one works better than most.

In the pro column: the hotel's grass bar is decent, and even has beers on tap.  You can get instant ramen in the lobby, and your room has a microwave.  There's a swimming pool that's not full of rug rats.  It's right by the freeway.  If you don't mind a couple blocks' stumble, there are restaurants and a dive bar a few blocks south by south-east.

In the con column: the in-room coffee makers are old (though there's coffee in the lobby).  The on-site laundry will do a number on your clothes -- like, the "warm" dryer setting is super hot.  And they charge $15 per night for parking.

I say go for it, as long as it doesn't make your commute too bad.  You can split lanes, after all.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bright & Clean Laundromat -- San Carlos, CA

Sure.  Cute table with chairs.  Maybe try the jazz next-door, after.

Pullman Hotel -- Redwood City, CA

If you're stuck around here, this is the place to stay.  They're doing a "refresh" through 2017, and the bar is relocated to a temporary location, but the refugee bar somehow works, likely because the bar staff is fantastic.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vera's Laundromat -- Phoenix, AZ

Yep.  Clean, tidy, reasonably priced.  But why am I out here?