Thursday, December 21, 2017

Basically Everything -- Worcester, MA

Hilton Garden Inn -- You weren't impressed.  Maybe there's some place better, maybe not.  It's apparently in the heart of "downtown" but you wouldn't know from walking around.  Also, what the heck is up with the parking lot across the street smelling like rancid grease all the time?

The White Eagle -- With a linoleum counter and keno on the big screen, this place belongs next to a trailer park, in a good way.  But it's not, so skip it next time.  (If a trailer park sprouts up, right next to it, the clientele will lend the perfect vibe, and you should try it again.)

Banner Bar & Grille -- Meh.  Kind of a typical sports bar.  I mean, it was kind of interesting that while you were there a bunch of Santas (apparently some running club) showed up and sang a song and then took off.  But how often does that happen?

Dive Bar -- Yes it's actually called that, and to their credit, they were the only bar you visited that didn't have their overhead lights turned all the way up.  The selection of beers was alright, though all the IPAs you had were those cloudy unfiltered types that you don't exactly love.  But then again, they were playing Star Wars on a big TV over the bar.  That's worth something, right?

Railers Sports Tavern -- Skip it next time.  I mean, I don't want to sound like a cheapskate, but $10.75 for an 8 oz IPA is a little steep.  That doesn't make me sound like a cheapskate does it?  It kind of does, but really, ten bucks for half a pint?  Okay I'll drop it.  Anyway, skip this place next time.

Pizzeria Uno -- Might as well mention it, since it's conveniently attached to the Hilton Garden Inn where you were staying.  This is, sadly, the safest bet.  Everything here is just short of mediocre, but at least it's predictable, and in the winter it was the only place that had their heat turned up to a sensible level.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dickens -- London, England

Not bad at all.  Naturally, this being Paddington, it's a well-lit establishment.  But it's okay.  They have a good selection of beers, and you like the Punk IPA.  Make sure to go into the back part of the place.  At first glance it looks like a small pub, but there's more through the doorway.  On cold nights, it's almost essential that you get away from the front doors, even if they've got the space heater right there, on full blast.

Neil Gwynn -- London, England

You like this place.  It's in a tiny alley, and the bar is small, but what happens is half the customers are inside, and half the customers are outside in the alley smoking and drinking.  It's kind of like Small Bar used to be, when smokers could loiter in the side walkway, or out front at the tables.  Of course now you can't do that at Small Bar.  Thanks a lot, preachy California busybodies.  I mean, I don't even smoke anymore, but I do appreciate an establishment where smokers are welcome as long as they aren't bothering other patrons.  This bar is one of those places.  Also, the bartenders are nice and snarky, so there's that going for it.

The Victoria (Paddington) -- London, England

Wow, there are a dozen pubs called Victoria in this town.  Long live the queen.  This one's a pretty chill pub, full of locals, and Wednesday is pub quiz.  (It's impossible, if you're not up on English current events.)

Monkey Puzzle -- London, England

Not bad, but not my first choice.  Sure, all the pubs in this area are well-lit and pretty clean -- there are no dive bars -- but this one has carpet.  Nonetheless, a great place to have Guinness and write postcards.