Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mother Hubbard's -- Chicago, IL

If you're stuck around here, this could be your best bet.  Local service folk check-in here after their shifts, which always bodes well for a place.  They have TVs on every flat surface, including one that is basically only visible by the bartenders themselves, so bring the universal remote.  It was fine on a Wednesday, but the whole area probably becomes bro-town Thursday through Saturday.

No one bothers you.  But you got tired of the place after a couple hours, so who knows what was up with that.

Coin-Op Laundry -- Milpitas, CA

Yep.  Nice and tidy little place.  Twenty-four hours.  Dryers are four minutes per quarter, but they seem to run warm, so you might not need more than twenty minutes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yo-Yo Coin Laundromat -- Chicago, IL

Yeah, sure.  The machines are antique, but cheap.  A double-load washer is only $3.  You get eleven minutes of drying for a quarter.  There are tons of machines, and no contention.  Also, there is a coin-op mechanical pony ride.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Corked -- Bethlehem, PA

Works for me.  Lots of beer.  The salmon dish is enormous.

Hotel Bethlehem -- Bethlehem, PA

You like this place.  If you're stuck working anywhere within thirty minutes' driving distance, it's worth the extra commute to stay some place real.  There are plenty of bars within stumbling distance, and the hotel bar is fine ... and they have jazz on Thursdays.  They have a kitchen.  The salmon was good one day, and totally salty another. Anadromous species ... can't make up their minds ... am I right?

It's a couple blocks from the D & L trail.

Oh, they charge seven dollars a night for parking.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Joe's Tavern -- Bethlehem, PA

This place was fun!  Uhm, what you remember of it.  I'm not sure what scope of law covers it, but smoking is permitted indoors at this place.  The bartender said they're grandfathered in, somehow.  Nice locals drinking here.  There's a TouchTunes jukebox, and no clear winner in terms of most-played genre.  Now, where can I find a cleaner to get the smell out of everything I was wearing?

Yamhill Pub -- Portland, OR

Finally, a dive bar that doesn't need that in quotes.  The floor is messed up, the seats have stuffing coming out of them, the guy on your left just arranged to sleep on the couch of his friend three seats down on your right.  Some other customers are matter-of-factly discussing needing to find some coke.  Also, there's a pinball machine.  And it's two blocks from the Hotel Rose.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Westin Washington Dulles -- Herndon, VA

You can do better.  (I don't care how convenient this place looks on a map.)  For instance:

* They charge $10 a day for wifi
* There is an air vent in your room that is always running its fan, no matter what.
* The bar has a weird muzak channel that basically plays soul-less covers of pop.  Cuban Coldplay!
* There is nothing nearby.  You must drive.

This could be your fall-back.  But not your first choice.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lyman's Tavern -- Washington, DC

Well, you found the hipsters.  Hooray, you!  But you also found some fun pinball machines.  I think they rotate the beers around -- the drafts all suck -- but you can probably find a bottled beer that is okay.  Or, I guess you could give up and drink PBR.  The brand is enshrined in knick-knacks and metal signs and neon and ... well, you know this place.  It's that place.

Good for an hour or two of playing the crazy Pabst Can Crusher pinball machine.  (Which, incidentally, dates back to only 2016.  Brilliant fake retro.  In fact, don't follow that link.)

If you bring a friend, it could be a whole evening.  Lyft it.  The tasty beers are high ABV.

Vük -- Bethesda, MD

Hell yes!  They bill themselves first as a pinball arcade, and only second mention that they have pizza.  The machines are totally and dearly loved, too.  There's a spiral notebook in which you can leave comments like "release of the ball from the spaceship lock GDTM, may need rebalancing."  I think GDTM is "Goes Down the Middle"  And then they fix it, and log that too.

Any time you're stuck in Bethesda, this is a great place to get some pepperoni and play some flipper.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hyatt Regency -- Bethesda, MD

Okay, well, what choice do you have?  I mean, basically I could just stop right there and tag this one as "under forty."  No, really.  Might as well.  The stuff near your work site isn't near any kind of restaurants or pubs or cultuire.  The other hotels in the region of real stuff, well, suck worse.

Okay, the plus side!  There's stuff like the Vük pinball arcade, and the Harp and Fiddle that are great.  So.  If you get stuck here, look those two places up.

Okay, now let's be pragmatic.  The Hyatt's ninth floor has been renovated, I know that one, so request a floor there.  Also, there are two "up" buttons for the elevator and you need to hit both -- one of them is the two elevators on the right (one of which is out of order) and the other one is the newer elevator on the left that works and is speedy.  So hit them both and hope you get the one on the left.  The coffee at the Daily Grill is awful -- but sometimes they're out, and you kind of dodge a bullet, in a really screwed up way.  Especially screwed up because if they're out, people will tell you "hey Dunkin Donuts is right downstairs."  It is, actually.  Wow.  Push the button.

So yeah that's basically it.  You have to stay here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Barking Dog -- Bethesda, MD

Nice local pub, stumbling distance form the Hyatt Regency.  They've got a bunch of stuff on tap.  Apparently Thursday is karaoke night.  (Bring hearing protection.)  They have a kitchen, too, but I have no idea about that.  You could go here again.