Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mac OS X Leopard

Here's what I keep hearing:

Bobo: "Hey, what do you think of the Leopard update?"
Momo: "Dude, it sucks."
Bobo: "What!? How come?"
Momo: "Well you know how you can tell it to give you a back-rub every time the screensaver activates?"
Bobo: "Yeah! That sounded totally great! What's wrong with it?"
Momo: "It doesn't spend enough time on my neck and shoulders! I can't believe Apple would treat its customers this way! Grrrrr!"

But here's what I see:

* The real kewl stuff is in the kernel; read the Ars Technica review.
* ZFS: *everyone* is porting it ... this is going to be interesting.
* This update *sped up* my computer; why do we expect the opposite?
* It installed without making me sit there and click a "gee whiz" button over and over.

So, briefly:

I really like it.

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