Sunday, March 30, 2008

RoadID Interactive

RoadID lets runners, bikers, nudists or demented/tenured elders keep emergency contact & medical information on them without having to carry a wallet. Laser-etched stainless steel threaded onto a bracelet, anklet or shoelace fob presents seven lines of text to tell paramedics who you are and what special conditions you've got. So far, not exciting.

What *is* exciting is the RoadID Interactive. Two lines of text identify you to whomever finds your mangled body, but the rest of the text instructs rescuers to contact RoadID by 800 number or web for your information, 24/7. An included serial number and PIN secure these data with a shared secret.

You tell RoadID what drugs you're popping *now* or what condition you *just* got from a toilet seat and they make sure that first-responders always get the latest info.

Does your neighbor in the changing room really need to know that you're taking antipsychotics?

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