Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tumblr, FTW! Finally, another app that's fun enough I'm still using it! I mean, I *try* mobile and user-generated apps all the time ... but it's really rare that I actually keep using one after I've played with it, tried its features, showed it to my friends and crafted a quick, superficial review.

Tumblr lets me "dash off a quick note" much like I already do on twitter ... but it also accepts pictures and videos and other things that don't fit so neatly into 140 characters of UTF-16.

It's great to snap a cameraphone picture, email it to tumblr with a descriptive subject line and have it just get appended to my "tumblog" automagically. (Video too!) It's more casual than adding things to my flickr stream, and whey easier than a "real" blog, which takes engagement/attention before I hit "post."

Ambient Intimacy got a really sweet upgrade!

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