Wednesday, March 17, 2010

God of War III for PS3

When me droogs and I are up for a bit of the ultraviolent, this game hits the spot.  There's slashing and smashing and decapitating to fill an evening with action.  (I think the producers secretly own shares in a fake blood factory, because there are gallons of it here.)

There's this story, too, about killing all the old gods of Olympus, and you get to ride on a Titan, which is pretty freakin' awesome, but mostly you kill things that gush blood everywhere.  Also, there are spots where you have to pull levers in the right order to get a platform to lift you to the next area ... where you kill things.

There are boobs.  Did I mention that?  Some of the things you kill have breasts on them.  Gorgons, I think.  So, *evil* breasted-things.  But boobs you can look at.  So there's that.

The whole thing's actually quite pretty.  I give it two thumbs up ... which I will then chop off and throw into the fires of Hades.  Haiyah!

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