Monday, September 14, 2015

Pier 1, San Francisco

This is a great spot for the "working from park" days.  And there's motorcycle parking right at the base of the pier.

There are benches with backs, which makes it easy to lounge a bit while you type away on your laptop.

There is a Starbucks right at the head of the pier, but you're also right next to the Ferry Building, so you can pop in there to the Peet's and grab a "Black Tie," if you're into the whole cold brewed thing.  (Be advised, the barista was some scuzzy guy with dreads and a home-made apron, the last time I was there.)

No matter the microclimate on the particular day, the bench arrangement is great.  The ones at the very end of the pier end up in shade after about 2 PM.  The ones up the sides of the pier seem to be in sun just about up until it goes down in the west.

Sadly, no parrots.  Many seagulls.

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