Monday, February 6, 2017

Hyatt Regency -- Bethesda, MD

Okay, well, what choice do you have?  I mean, basically I could just stop right there and tag this one as "under forty."  No, really.  Might as well.  The stuff near your work site isn't near any kind of restaurants or pubs or cultuire.  The other hotels in the region of real stuff, well, suck worse.

Okay, the plus side!  There's stuff like the Vük pinball arcade, and the Harp and Fiddle that are great.  So.  If you get stuck here, look those two places up.

Okay, now let's be pragmatic.  The Hyatt's ninth floor has been renovated, I know that one, so request a floor there.  Also, there are two "up" buttons for the elevator and you need to hit both -- one of them is the two elevators on the right (one of which is out of order) and the other one is the newer elevator on the left that works and is speedy.  So hit them both and hope you get the one on the left.  The coffee at the Daily Grill is awful -- but sometimes they're out, and you kind of dodge a bullet, in a really screwed up way.  Especially screwed up because if they're out, people will tell you "hey Dunkin Donuts is right downstairs."  It is, actually.  Wow.  Push the button.

So yeah that's basically it.  You have to stay here.

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