Monday, August 4, 2014

Hotel Bijou -- San Francisco, CA

Note to self: sure, why not?  It's in the tenderloin, but at an alright corner, a block from Powell Street Station.  And it's really adorable how much attention they put into the movie theme.

Sure, there was that morning where there were hypodermic plungers right there in the passenger loading zone .. but they didn't have the needles in them.

I think what tips me in its favor is the way that someone spent a TON of attention making the place have a theme.  It's really sweet, and makes a difference somehow.  Every room has a movie name.  And they have that crazy little movie theatre off the lobby.  No, really.  How cool is that?

No laundry .. but the First Coin laundry up the street was fine.  Especially if someone's bringing you an Americano.

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