Friday, February 8, 2008 is yet another dropbox site ... except better. Sure, you can upload files of any type and download 'em later. Image files are conveniently displayed as thumbnails and mp3s can be listened to in yer browser. Quick text notes are easily added to your drop, just click and type ... it's even easier on the mobile version of the site. Natch, you can subscribe to an rss feed or receive email when filez are added to your drop. Hold me back.

The super-spiffy feature, however, is that you can leave voicemail for your dropbox. Every drop has a phone number (in New York, not the Indian Ocean) and an extension; call it up, enter your extension and leave a message. The system turns it into an mp3 and adds it to the drop!

Someone should create a drop and record bluetools yammering into their always-attached bluetooth headsets.

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