Saturday, February 23, 2008

Andrew tipped me off to, a social network aggregator. It's the first I've tried, so I can't really compare it to anything else.

Anyways, you tell it what sites you're on; It natively talks to twitter, flickr, youtube, google reader, digg, delicious ... a bunch of others. It's *very* easy to set up. And once set, it tracks your activity on all of your social network sites.

Then your friends sign up, supplying the same infos.

All your social networking sites and all of their social networking sites stream a continuous flood of data into the tubes, and iminta happily aggregates it. Then it emails you a daily update, telling you all about how your cow orkers wasted their whole day on twitter and digg.

After a couple days the novelty wore off for me; too much information without any filtering. But I'll recommend it *heartily* to the data-addicted!

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anutron said...

Hey Gabriel,

Just curious - when you say that it's "too much data without any filtering" what do you mean? The site ( let's you filter in numerous ways to remove stuff that doesn't interest you. You can get RSS feeds of those filters, too.

The only thing that isn't filtered right now is the newsletter, but that's coming.

Is it just the newsletter you were referring to?