Friday, February 1, 2008

Photobucket is a picture and video sharing site. They seem to target teens and they appear to be primarily ad-supported. They've got the usual links to order merchandise with your pictures on it, but they aren't pushing it as their main deal (e.g. shutterfly). And they're definitely not for professionals (e.g. flickr).

It was super-easy getting photos into my online album. Their "Bulk Uploader" is a jabba app that lets you browse the pictures on your computer, shown as thumbnails, and click to add/subtract them from the queue waiting to upload. All right there in your browser.

Similarly, they make it easy to embed images in other sites' pages. Each image in your album includes the address and html code right there in the album. Copy and paste.

It's pretty slick how quickly you can create an account, upload some pictures, and then embed them elsewhere. I'm impressed!

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