Saturday, February 23, 2008

Andrew tipped me off to, a social network aggregator. It's the first I've tried, so I can't really compare it to anything else.

Anyways, you tell it what sites you're on; It natively talks to twitter, flickr, youtube, google reader, digg, delicious ... a bunch of others. It's *very* easy to set up. And once set, it tracks your activity on all of your social network sites.

Then your friends sign up, supplying the same infos.

All your social networking sites and all of their social networking sites stream a continuous flood of data into the tubes, and iminta happily aggregates it. Then it emails you a daily update, telling you all about how your cow orkers wasted their whole day on twitter and digg.

After a couple days the novelty wore off for me; too much information without any filtering. But I'll recommend it *heartily* to the data-addicted!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

ShoveBox for Mac OS X

Note to self ...

Something to pick up at the drug store. A URL someone sent you when you were too busy to click through. The name of a new SNS you want to try. A dozen things a day you need to jot down and deal with later, not now.

The Getting Things Done (tm, r, all rights reserved, buy my book, watch my segment on a fox morning show) method says these go in your "inbox."

These days, they're going in my ShoveBox!

Friday, February 8, 2008 is yet another dropbox site ... except better. Sure, you can upload files of any type and download 'em later. Image files are conveniently displayed as thumbnails and mp3s can be listened to in yer browser. Quick text notes are easily added to your drop, just click and type ... it's even easier on the mobile version of the site. Natch, you can subscribe to an rss feed or receive email when filez are added to your drop. Hold me back.

The super-spiffy feature, however, is that you can leave voicemail for your dropbox. Every drop has a phone number (in New York, not the Indian Ocean) and an extension; call it up, enter your extension and leave a message. The system turns it into an mp3 and adds it to the drop!

Someone should create a drop and record bluetools yammering into their always-attached bluetooth headsets.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Photobucket is a picture and video sharing site. They seem to target teens and they appear to be primarily ad-supported. They've got the usual links to order merchandise with your pictures on it, but they aren't pushing it as their main deal (e.g. shutterfly). And they're definitely not for professionals (e.g. flickr).

It was super-easy getting photos into my online album. Their "Bulk Uploader" is a jabba app that lets you browse the pictures on your computer, shown as thumbnails, and click to add/subtract them from the queue waiting to upload. All right there in your browser.

Similarly, they make it easy to embed images in other sites' pages. Each image in your album includes the address and html code right there in the album. Copy and paste.

It's pretty slick how quickly you can create an account, upload some pictures, and then embed them elsewhere. I'm impressed!