Thursday, January 17, 2019

EZ Laundromat -- Milford, MA

You had to wait a few minutes for a washer to free up, but the place is clean, has an attendant, and is perfectly situated smack in the bustling downtown of fabulous Milford, MA.

Depot Tavern -- Milford, MA

Go!  What's this place doing in Milford?  No don't ask, you'll jinx it.  The chef knows what she's doing, with some imaginative arrangements of things like a southwest salad.  Also, the trick seems to be to order the specials.

Central Tavern -- Milford, MA

Sure!  Good draft choices, nice locals, and Tuesday is pub quiz.

Turtle Tavern -- Milford, MA

Well, if you don't mind all the fruit flies, it's a pretty chill spot with a nice selection of draft beers.  Maybe swing by if other spots look annoying.  Fun (green) turtle pictures here and there.