Monday, February 4, 2019

Central Public House -- Hopkinton, MA

Hey you like this place.  Beers, salads, and cozy.  Go back.

The Long Room -- New York, NY

You have no recollection of this place.  But wrote it down.

Amsterdam Alehouse -- New York, New York

Fun place, and once you met some old hippies going to a flaming tuna show, who were fun to chat with.  You meet fun people here.  The unknown awesomeness (though actually this year we saw some people here just for this) is that the night before the Macy's Xgiving Day Parade they have to drag all the floats up to the starting point.  They do it some time after nine.  And if you're drinking here that night, you have a front row preview.

Jimmy's Corner -- New York, NY

You liked this place.  If you can get a seat.  History.