Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mother Hubbard's -- Chicago, IL

If you're stuck around here, this could be your best bet.  Local service folk check-in here after their shifts, which always bodes well for a place.  They have TVs on every flat surface, including one that is basically only visible by the bartenders themselves, so bring the universal remote.  It was fine on a Wednesday, but the whole area probably becomes bro-town Thursday through Saturday.

No one bothers you.  But you got tired of the place after a couple hours, so who knows what was up with that.

Coin-Op Laundry -- Milpitas, CA

Yep.  Nice and tidy little place.  Twenty-four hours.  Dryers are four minutes per quarter, but they seem to run warm, so you might not need more than twenty minutes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yo-Yo Coin Laundromat -- Chicago, IL

Yeah, sure.  The machines are antique, but cheap.  A double-load washer is only $3.  You get eleven minutes of drying for a quarter.  There are tons of machines, and no contention.  Also, there is a coin-op mechanical pony ride.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Corked -- Bethlehem, PA

Works for me.  Lots of beer.  The salmon dish is enormous.

Hotel Bethlehem -- Bethlehem, PA

You like this place.  If you're stuck working anywhere within thirty minutes' driving distance, it's worth the extra commute to stay some place real.  There are plenty of bars within stumbling distance, and the hotel bar is fine ... and they have jazz on Thursdays.  They have a kitchen.  The salmon was good one day, and totally salty another. Anadromous species ... can't make up their minds ... am I right?

It's a couple blocks from the D & L trail.

Oh, they charge seven dollars a night for parking.