Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vera's Laundromat -- Phoenix, AZ

Yep.  Clean, tidy, reasonably priced.  But why am I out here?

Hotel Valley Ho -- Scottsdale, AZ

This is definitely the place to stay if you're in the region.  It's worth a twenty-five minute commute to the work site, to be some place real.  There's a good run along the canal -- not the most exciting scenery -- but you only have to brave two crosswalks for a 10k round-trip.

Also, the hotel bar is nice, though sometimes loud.

There's a pool party thing on Saturday and Sunday that's fascinating to watch.  It's a total bro-fest though, so steel yourself.  Nice pool.

Parking costs extra, but here's a secret: park on 68th where Main street would run into it, if it continued that far.  There's an opening in the wall and presto, you're right at the front door.