Friday, May 30, 2008

Namco Museum Battle Collection for PSP

You get seventeen Namco arcade games emulated onto the PSP ... functionally similar to if you ported MAME to PSP. But you also get four games re-done for the widescreen of the PSP: pac-man, galaga, dig-dug and rally-x.

The re-done games are *really* well-done, we loved them! But every once in a while I just had to go retro and play Xevious, just as it looked on some old Z80 processor, decades ago.

The best ten bucks spent on our PSP so far!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vimeo is a video sharing site that lets you share HD video. While the kids are posting to YouTube, and the SLR-toting crowd are trying flickr's video functionality, the professional video artists have been at Vimeo.

SimpleTODO for Mac OS X

SimpleTODO is my current To Do item applet. It's pretty, and it lets you sort things into categories that can be expanded & collapsed. It's between this and Anxiety, until I give-in and purchase OmniFocus.

Quicksilver for Mac OS X

Quicksilver is, well, it's an app launcher .. but it's also a customizable "thing doer." For launching apps, one keystroke (I use command-option-F1) and then I type enough of the name of an app to be distinct, and then hit return and the app launches.

Keystroke, m, a, i, l, return. Keystroke, f, i, r, e, return. Keystroke, t, e, r, m, return.

Did I mention that it learns? The first letter is usually all I need.