Thursday, November 19, 2015

Huntington Park, San Francisco

This is a nice little park to work from.  It's on the top of Nob Hill, across from Grace Cathedral.  The folks who hang out here are just locals .. half of them walking dogs, the other half just taking a little walk/sit in the park.  And it's basically devoid of crazy people.  Maybe the significant uphill hike keeps the clientele select.

There's motorcycle parking right there on California.

I didn't notice any parrots, but there should be at least a couple.  There is no heart sculpture.  The cathedral bells chime conveniently to remind you of what time it is.

Washington Square, San Francisco

This is a sort of fun park to work from, because it's right there in North Beach.  No big coffee places right there on the square, but you could always walk up to Caffè Trieste or something.  Plenty of people hanging out, and stuff to watch.  This all adds up to a super-noisy location, with people and traffic joining into a pretty good din.

Curiously, there's a public restroom right there in the park.  Not sure if that recommends it or indicates you should avoid it.  For what it's worth, no one was shooting up the last time I was there.

It has plenty of parrots.  It does not have a heart sculpture.  There is a church right next to it, so you have chimes to remind you of what time it is.