Tuesday, September 24, 2019

AC Hotel Westport -- Kansas City, MO

Hell yes.  You liked being on the third floor, facing the street.  Ashley is the best bartender you've met since Brian at Tunnel Top.  The "european style" breakfast is great, if you get it for free with your status.

Bars and Restaurants in Westport -- Kansas City, MO

You stayed at the AC Hotel Westport.  Stumbling distance are:

Port Fonda: You liked this.  Also, for five extra dollars on your tab, you can order a round of beers for the kitchen staff, so make sure to add that.

Westport Cafe and Bar:  Get the salmon.  Also, they have Fernet.

Beer Kitchen: Get a burger and a stout on nitro.  Also, they have Fernet.

Gambal's Social Club:  Try the tinnies, not the taps.  The gopher pinball is fun!

Buzzard Beach:  Your kind of dive, and they have pinball, but it's right under the AC so bring a jacket.

Minibar:  A little bit of a walk, but fun for a beer and some pinball.

Ale House:  Disintegrating tacos.  No.

Komatsu Ramen:  Gringos trying to make noodles.  No.

Aloft -- Overland Park, KS

This place works just fine.  Bar's open until midnight -- perfect for zarpe after closing down next-door 801 Chophouse, or the Pig & Something Pub.  You might prefer to stay at the AC Hotel Westport, however, and drive twenty-five minutes.