Monday, June 22, 2020

FTL (Advanced Edition)

Two words: space pirates.  Avast ye scurvies, prepare to be boarded!  And shot.  And flushed into space.  And bartered with.  Unsettling that the rebel scum are the bad guys, but that's just me showing my age then, isn't it?


It's really pretty, totally clever, and has a fantastic noiresque soundtrack.

Baba Is You

You have to experience this fun game mechanic!  Who you are,  whether walls stop you, if water sinks you, and even what the goal of a level is -- they all change when you rearrange triplets of noun-verb-noun.  Simple.  Tricky!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mortician's Tale

Mortician's Tale is utterly creepy, fascinating, and you must play it.


Overland by Finji is a beautiful, turn-based game, with fantastic sound and great story.  You'll find yourself escaping a level only to re-try it another way.  I love it.