Sunday, October 5, 2014

Linden Street Brewery -- Oakland, CA

Easy to get to, and a nice place to get a beer before finding brunch.  Before brunch, because sometimes they have food trucks here, but then they don't, so you get a beer anyway while you load up Yelp.  Still trying to find that ramen guy ...

Brown Sugar Kitchen -- Oakland, CA

The claw!
Quick, enjoy it before there's a two-hour line of hipsters out the door!  The wait isn't a problem if they're recycling things across the street with that awesome claw, though.  Also, next time get, like, a million of those biscuits.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Madison Supreme Laundromat -- New York, NY

The place was fine, people were interesting to watch, and no one minded a guy with a helmet and a laptop.  Forget it Jake.  It's laundry time.

Holiday Inn Wall Street -- New York, NY

Note to self: Just dandy.  Do it again.

As long as the place is tidy, tall enough for me to get a nice view of the street,  and in a nice location, I'm good.  I mean, the zip code starts things out on a good footing already -- I'd probably be fine in a pretty slummy spot -- as long as I'm in the city.  Probably.

The place could use a little more Ramen, and some laundry, but it's in a great location.  I actually got to do runs up both rivers.  Reminder for next time -- the path up the East River isn't long enough for a full run.