Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Local Bar -- San Antonio, TX

Have you finally found a bar in downtown San Antonio that's not pointless?  Maybe.  Service folks seem to come here after work, so that's a point in its favor.

On the other hand, some idiot just played an hour's-worth of anthem rock on the touchtunes jukebox.  No matter how well you're paid, you can only justify so many "priority plays" of Black Keys and Rolling Stones before you realize that the tidal wave of crap music will just keep coming.  (Note to self: play Rick Astley on their jukebox once you're safely back at the hotel.)

The bartenders are cool though, and you have professional hearing protection, so what's the big deal?  Plug your ears and write some reviews.

Cowabunga -- San Antonio, TX

This bar belongs in Portland.  There are no taps, just palettes of cheap canned beer.  Tweakers swing by after being eighty-sixed elsewhere, while trannies sip umbrella drinks.  The bartender likes being a bartender -- but really doesn't give a crap.

The Texan II -- San Antonio, TX

This bar belongs in Portland.  Bike hooks in back.  Full of perky hip youngsters.  The bartender likes being a bartender -- but would rather it wasn't about people demanding beers, as opposed to pouring them when the inspiration hits.

Last Word -- San Antonio, TX

Basement craft-cocktail bar
  won't last,
 if hipsters can't get cell service.

Home2 -- San Antonio, TX

Best bet, even if it makes your commute thirty minutes.  There's stuff walking distance.  Park at Houston Street Garage.  For a run down the River Walk, avoid the crowds by going St Mary's, Villita, Jack White Way, west bank.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Drury Inn "NW Medical Center" -- San Antonio, TX

In case you've never stayed at a Drury, which you obviously hadn't when you booked it, this is basically the calibre of multi-story chain motel you'd expect to find lining the dicey, abandoned Airport Boulevard in Anytown, USA.  Checking in after ten PM, you're going to need to pass your ID and credit card through the bulletproof window tray, to register.

Due to the random car window smashing (nothing stolen necessarily, just broken) there are floodlights aimed at the parking lot.  Also, there are random piles of empty beer cans here and there in the lot.  But those lights have a broad spread, and come right through the windows of even the sixth floor.  On the bright side you can save some energy by not needing to turn on your room lights at all.  Save the earth.

And then there's the adversarial relationship with the restaurant that shares the same parking lot.  The front desk staff warn you that if you park in front of the restaurant you will be towed.  They're very clear about it, because apparently the restaurant does actually tow hotel guests if they park across the invisible line that delineates some petty dispute between restaurant and hotel managers.

Stay downtown and deal with a twenty minute commute, instead.