Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A. van Wees -- Amsterdam, NL

Jenever.  And you thought Fernet was the only wonderful bad idea.

Silberfische -- Berlin, DE

Oh yes.  This is the place you end the night.

Berlin Marriott Hotel -- Berlin, DE

You liked it here.  Research other places, but this is safe.

Leemstar Canal Cruise -- Amsterdam, NL

You already recommended this canal tour to eight people before leaving the country.  The small boat means you choose the stories.  They know *everything* about this town and you feel like an insider.  And definitely upgrade to include snacks.

Café de Heuvel -- Amsterdam, NL

The perfect seat is at the bar, watching out the window.

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel -- Amsterdam, NL

You liked this place.  It's on the periphery, but not too far really.  For the evening's zarpe, you went to Bar Weber.  Farther from Schiphol and Centraal than it looks though, so plan ahead.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Horsehead Bar -- Eugene, OR

Start here for stew, then head out and try neighbors.

Blairally Vintage Arcade -- Eugene, OR

Classic pinball and arcade games everywhere.  And then there was that night you showed up and they were hosting a chess club.  They love games!  Couple that with a good beer selection and it's no wonder you loved it.

Level Up Arcade -- Eugene, OR

So many pinball machines, many drafts, open late.  You loved it!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

AC Hotel Westport -- Kansas City, MO

Hell yes.  You liked being on the third floor, facing the street.  Ashley is the best bartender you've met since Brian at Tunnel Top.  The "european style" breakfast is great, if you get it for free with your status.

Bars and Restaurants in Westport -- Kansas City, MO

You stayed at the AC Hotel Westport.  Stumbling distance are:

Port Fonda: You liked this.  Also, for five extra dollars on your tab, you can order a round of beers for the kitchen staff, so make sure to add that.

Westport Cafe and Bar:  Get the salmon.  Also, they have Fernet.

Beer Kitchen: Get a burger and a stout on nitro.  Also, they have Fernet.

Gambal's Social Club:  Try the tinnies, not the taps.  The gopher pinball is fun!

Buzzard Beach:  Your kind of dive, and they have pinball, but it's right under the AC so bring a jacket.

Minibar:  A little bit of a walk, but fun for a beer and some pinball.

Ale House:  Disintegrating tacos.  No.

Komatsu Ramen:  Gringos trying to make noodles.  No.

Aloft -- Overland Park, KS

This place works just fine.  Bar's open until midnight -- perfect for zarpe after closing down next-door 801 Chophouse, or the Pig & Something Pub.  You might prefer to stay at the AC Hotel Westport, however, and drive twenty-five minutes.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

I Lan Park trailhead, Tomahawk Creek Trail -- Leawood, KS

Start a run along the Tomahawk Creek Trail from here, heading north.  The trail never makes you cross a road, and it's mostly tree-covered.  (Essential in the summer!)  Creek-adjacent, makes it easy to know where to turn.

Update: you can also start from the Leawood Aquatic Center and either run south to I Lan park, or north which takes you across the state line, for bragging rights.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Boulevard Brewery -- Kansas City, KS

This was really fun.  Get a flight, which is four five ounce beers.  Don't play it too safe ... but don't go too crazy ... that five ounce pour could feel enormous.  Oddly, they don't accept tips.  Godless communists.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Northside Speakeasy -- Akron, OH

If you're stuck in Akron, this is your best bet.  They have Fernet, so you'd better be staying at the Courtyard, which this is nestled into, believe it or not.  If it's packed, have one at DBA, next door.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Acenar -- San Antonio, TX

Good place to start the night with a salad and a couple beers.  The bar staff are friendly.  No draft beer at all, but some good choices for tinnies.  You went here a bunch.

Bars in San Antonio, TX

Texan II -- hell yes. Nobody gives a shit, they have a tap or two you like, the prices are right, and they love Fernet.

Bohanan's Bar -- nice and chill, just don't get the charcuterie, it's saltier than hell. Great place to start out the night with a beer and bar food. (They also have Fernet.)

Acenar -- grab a beer (or two) and a southwest salad here, to start the night off.

Esquire Tavern -- hit or miss. Sometimes it's full of hipsters and sales people trying to impress clients ... or other sales people. But it's a pretty good spot and the management is really wonderful. You just need to hit it on a slow, chill night. Also, they have Fernet, so plan accordingly.

The Local Bar -- okay sometimes this is good, sometimes not. They have Fernet and they know how to use it. It's full of genuine people who don't bother you if you don't feel like talking. But who will happily bother you if you're into it.

Tickets Sports Bar -- let's just put it this way. You got a chicken caesar salad, and the chicken was from a can. Yes, really. No. Really.

Drink -- overpriced and boring. Okay in a pinch, but not a place to spend the night. Also, the guy at the end of the bar is telling the bartender that it's "not fair that you dressed that way at <some place> and you don't here." Ick. Like, I'm starting to think I should slide a napkin across the bar with "do you need help" written on it. Oh god. Oh god, no. He manages the bar, and a bunch of others in town. Oh ick. Oh god, ick. Push the button.

Leapin' Lizard Pub -- how is this place still in business? It *should* be cool but it's awful. Especially the music. They must advertise in the magazines that hotels put in every room.

Lavandería Laundromat -- San Antonio, TX

So good they named it twice.  Clean, attended, and fancy Spyderwash.

Temescal Wash N Dry -- Oakland, CA

Worked fine, next time plan to try next-door bars.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Chisholm Trail -- Plano, TX

Good run with only two streets to cross.  There's a little parking lot, behind the senior center, for Harrington Park.  Follow the east bank north until it ends, then over the bridge, and turn around at the highway.

Ken Japanese Bistro -- Richardson, TX

The teriyaki bento box was quite nice.  The ramen looked good.  You're going to want to brush up on your Japanese though, as they greet you in it.  Also, no forks.  Definitely go back here.

Aloft -- Richardson, TX

Know what?  This worked just fine.  There are some nice trails within a quick drive's range.  (Nothing good local.)  There are restaurants across the street.  There's a bar in the lobby.  Might as well go back.

Wicked Eyed Woman -- Elizabethtown, KY

Yes!  You enjoyed this little pub in "downtown" Elizabethtown.  Live music!

Southern Nights Bar -- Elizabethtown, KY

So, they basically only have a six-pack each of two different local beers.  The rest is every flavor possible of Bud, Coors, Miller, PBR.  But the staff is friendly, and it's been a while since you had a PBR, so just pretend you're a hipster on Valencia street.  Maybe grow a handlebar mustache -- and not just for a costume party.

You'll find yourself looking forward to going back.  Especially on Wednesday, for karaoke night.

Flywheel Brewery -- Elizabethtown, KY

Cool brewery with all sorts of creations.  They have food trucks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so plan your visit accordingly.  Other days, they're fine if you bring stuff in from elsewhere.  Very chill.  Definitely go back.

Springhill Suites -- Elizabethtown, KY

So new, Google thought it was up the street.  Dandy choice if you're in the area.  Plenty of fast-casual places in walking distance, but instead go "downtown."  End the night at the Southern Nights bar though, across the street.

San Pedro Trail -- Sierra Vista, AZ

Really nice spot for a run, though the path forks and sort of doesn't exactly match what Google maps thinks is there.  You found your way back, though!  Open dawn 'til dusk, so plan ahead.

Fairfield Inn & Suites -- Sierra Vista, AZ

Sure.  Nothing to write home about; stumbling distance to TGI Applewings.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Central Public House -- Hopkinton, MA

Hey you like this place.  Beers, salads, and cozy.  Go back.

The Long Room -- New York, NY

You have no recollection of this place.  But wrote it down.

Amsterdam Alehouse -- New York, New York

Fun place, and once you met some old hippies going to a flaming tuna show, who were fun to chat with.  You meet fun people here.  The unknown awesomeness (though actually this year we saw some people here just for this) is that the night before the Macy's Xgiving Day Parade they have to drag all the floats up to the starting point.  They do it some time after nine.  And if you're drinking here that night, you have a front row preview.

Jimmy's Corner -- New York, NY

You liked this place.  If you can get a seat.  History.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

EZ Laundromat -- Milford, MA

You had to wait a few minutes for a washer to free up, but the place is clean, has an attendant, and is perfectly situated smack in the bustling downtown of fabulous Milford, MA.

Depot Tavern -- Milford, MA

Go!  What's this place doing in Milford?  No don't ask, you'll jinx it.  The chef knows what she's doing, with some imaginative arrangements of things like a southwest salad.  Also, the trick seems to be to order the specials.

Central Tavern -- Milford, MA

Sure!  Good draft choices, nice locals, and Tuesday is pub quiz.

Turtle Tavern -- Milford, MA

Well, if you don't mind all the fruit flies, it's a pretty chill spot with a nice selection of draft beers.  Maybe swing by if other spots look annoying.  Fun (green) turtle pictures here and there.