Monday, July 29, 2019

Northside Speakeasy -- Akron, OH

If you're stuck in Akron, this is your best bet.  They have Fernet, so you'd better be staying at the Courtyard, which this is nestled into, believe it or not.  If it's packed, have one at DBA, next door.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Acenar -- San Antonio, TX

Good place to start the night with a salad and a couple beers.  The bar staff are friendly.  No draft beer at all, but some good choices for tinnies.  You went here a bunch.

Bars in San Antonio, TX

Texan II -- hell yes. Nobody gives a shit, they have a tap or two you like, the prices are right, and they love Fernet.

Bohanan's Bar -- nice and chill, just don't get the charcuterie, it's saltier than hell. Great place to start out the night with a beer and bar food. (They also have Fernet.)

Acenar -- grab a beer (or two) and a southwest salad here, to start the night off.

Esquire Tavern -- hit or miss. Sometimes it's full of hipsters and sales people trying to impress clients ... or other sales people. But it's a pretty good spot and the management is really wonderful. You just need to hit it on a slow, chill night. Also, they have Fernet, so plan accordingly.

The Local Bar -- okay sometimes this is good, sometimes not. They have Fernet and they know how to use it. It's full of genuine people who don't bother you if you don't feel like talking. But who will happily bother you if you're into it.

Tickets Sports Bar -- let's just put it this way. You got a chicken caesar salad, and the chicken was from a can. Yes, really. No. Really.

Drink -- overpriced and boring. Okay in a pinch, but not a place to spend the night. Also, the guy at the end of the bar is telling the bartender that it's "not fair that you dressed that way at <some place> and you don't here." Ick. Like, I'm starting to think I should slide a napkin across the bar with "do you need help" written on it. Oh god. Oh god, no. He manages the bar, and a bunch of others in town. Oh ick. Oh god, ick. Push the button.

Leapin' Lizard Pub -- how is this place still in business? It *should* be cool but it's awful. Especially the music. They must advertise in the magazines that hotels put in every room.

Lavandería Laundromat -- San Antonio, TX

So good they named it twice.  Clean, attended, and fancy Spyderwash.

Temescal Wash N Dry -- Oakland, CA

Worked fine, next time plan to try next-door bars.