Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Stoneyard Craft Beer Hall and Grill -- Webster, NY

This was a good spot to go after work and get a couple expense reports done.  They've got a couple dozen beers on tap, and no one cares if you're on your laptop.  In fact, the bartender is over at the other end of the beer watching YouTube videos at full volume, so obviously no one cares.

Happily, they had a session IPA, so work was possible ... as well as getting home.  You did not try anything from the kitchen.

Julian's Dry Cleaners & Laundry -- Webster, NY

Hard to tell if you're in a laundromat or an antique store.  Some of these machines might fetch a great price from collectors!  Not much else in the area though.  Try elsewhere first.

Holiday Inn Express -- Webster, NY

Not too bad, if you're stuck here.  Not much around, though.  They have a guest laundry room.  Careful in the winter -- they don't plow the parking lot all that early, so you might end up skiing to the street.