Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spin Laundry Lounge -- Portland, OR

I love this place.  It's super clean.  It's well lit.  It's open until midnight.

Did I mention you can drink beer while your laundry is going?  I thought I mentioned that.  There's a full-on Café in this joint, with beer, wine, soda pop, sandwiches .. you know, Café stuff.  There were even people in the Café who weren't doing any laundry.  Just hanging out at the laundromat .. like you do.

Did I mention that soap is free?  It seems like on half of my trips, I totally forget to bring soap with me.  So I walk in, and the clean well-lit attendant asks me what I'm looking around for, I say "soap" and she says, "oh I have it.  It's free.  Let me know when you're loaded."

Did I mention that the machines will text you when they're done?  Yes, really.

I'm usually staying a couple of miles from this place when I'm in Portland, but I'm happy to pay for a Car2Go to get there and back.